Monday, December 27, 2010

"Undercover" Delayed ; Mystery Story to End 2010

Yes, it's true. Due to my inability to structure myself during my winter vacation, I will most likely not be able to release the fourth installment of my short story series Illusions & Lies by the end of the week, which is already a week after I was originally planning on releasing it. This is not a definite, but it is almost a definite.

However, all is not lost. In fact, something was found last Saturday while I was being Jewish (as usual) and not celebrating Christmas (because we Jews don't do that!). I was cleaning my room (wishing I celebrated Christmas so I didn't have to clean my room) when I stumbled upon a short story that I wrote two-and-a-half years ago. It was only the second short story I had ever written, and I had completely forgotten about it, giving the honor of second-short-story-I-had-ever-written to "Chosen Ones" for the two years since I wrote it. I will be typing up the story either tomorrow or Wednesday and will be publishing it to the ZU Forums the same day. I won't reveal anything about it other than it is based on the world of The Sight Chronicles. It will be my gift to you  in honor of my most successful year in writing thus far since I officially began doing so 3 years ago!

Until then! Bye!