The Emporium

You have reached the Bitcoin Emporium on the planet Praxius Nine. Welcome! Here you will find a list of exclusive offers on EzloSpirit-related digital goods. We currently accept most galaxy currencies via PayPal, as well as Bitcoins. If you do not already have a PayPal account, head over to and set one up for free. If you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet, head over to to learn more and/or download a wallet.

If you are interested in purchasing anything using PayPal (a standard currency), you may click the provided button(s) and follow the instructions. You will receive your purchase and/or any follow-up messages via email.

If you are interested in purchasing anything using Bitcoins, please email me, EzloSpirit, directly at ezlospirit[at]gmail[dot]com. I will give you the necessary information for making the transaction, and after the transaction is completed, you will receive what you asked for. (Please don't spam my inbox. You wouldn't want yours spammed.)

Other Offers

Currently, there is 1 offer available exclusively on Google+ and Zelda Universe. Check it out!

Short Stories

  • ON SALE! "Illusions & Lies: Undercover" (in-progress scans)
    • Ever wonder where Leonard Rickson's adventure would take him next? Well, wait no longer! Incomplete since 2010, "Illusions & Lies: Undercover" is the on-hold fourth installment in the Illusions & Lies short story series. And for the first time ever, you can have access to scans of the existing story, handwritten by the author! And it's only five dollars' worth for a limited time only (regular price: $10 or 1 BTC)!
    • US$5.00 
      0.45 BTC Email me
  • A Little Bit of Biskin: The Short Stories of Eric Biskin
    • This PDF compilation of EzloSpirit's short stories is always up to date and complete! With over fifty pages of short fiction ranging from sci-fi to folktale, fantasy to realistic fiction, horror to comedy, A Little Bit of Biskin is the official anthology of short stories by EzloSpirit. Inside, you will find every short story written by EzloSpirit to date. It is in PDF format, so you can easily view it on your computer or even transfer it to an ebook reader! And if a new story is released and added to the anthology after you've already purchased a copy, you need only pay 25¢ (0.02 BTC) if you include your original transaction ID to receive an updated copy!
    • US$15.00 
      1.25 BTC Email me

      UPDATE ONLY: US$0.25/0.02 BTC 
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