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Zelda Universe Forums - ZU Awards

          Award: Best Writer
          Awards Season: Winter 2010-2011
          Result: Nominated


Zelda Universe Forums - Writing Contests

          Entry: "Twelve Chimes"
          Contest: ZU October 2009 Writing Contest
          Contest Theme: Horror
          Result: Runner-Up (second place)

          Entry: "Trust Fall"
          Contest: ZU August 2010 Writing Contest
          Contest Theme: Sci-Fi
          Result: Loss

          Entry: "Resolution"
          Contest: ZU January 2011 Writing Contest
          Contest Theme: Resolution
          Result: Runner-Up (second place)

          Entry: "Wonders of the Sky"
          Contest: ZU August 2011 Writing Contest
          Contest Theme: Magic
          Result: Winner (first place) (tied with two others)