Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mystery Story Revealed & Released! ; Thoughts on 2010 and 2011 ; More "Shining Armor" Reception

In my last post, I officially confirmed that I would be releasing a mystery story (not in genre; I didn't want to give away the title!) that I found while cleaning my room this past Saturday, probably instead of "Illusions & Lies: Undercover," which I've been unmotivated to write due to too much free time, as my last story of 2010. This is indeed the case: I have released this mystery story, and it will be my last story of the year. (However, on an unrelated note, I will begin making up Spirit World: Extinction tomorrow, which is the last installment on the official Spirit World Saga timeline!)

The mystery story is titled "In the Trees: A Short Story of Vislia," and takes place on the planet Vislia, the same planet where my Sight Chronicles series (and my canceled Sound Chronicles series) takes place. It is different, though. It tells of King Nesh, king of Junglaria (a jungle kingdom), and his encounter with a deadly danger approaching his kingdom. And how his philanthropy and extreme care of others but not himself leads to his downfall. It is currently up on the ZU Forums, and, for a limited time, on the Featured Story page of this blog. A link to the story on ZU can be found in the Master List under Short Stories>Other.

I'd like to take some time now to briefly think back to the past year and briefly think ahead to next year. But to read that, you'll have to...

This past year has been my most successful year in writing so far. I've established myself as one of the more prominent writers on ZU (not the most prominent writer, though). Over half of my short stories were written this year. I began a nine-story journey with "Illusions & Lies: Day One" back in March. I concluded a beautiful two-story horror-fest with "The First Hour" this past Halloween. I used cool audio effects to make myself sound like an alien in the "Trust Fall" audiobook (link found in the ZU Forums' "Trust Fall" post). Wait. Forget that last one.

Next year will be another incredible journey for me; I'm sure of it! Beginning with the (hopefully) long-awaited "Illusions & Lies: Undercover," and hopefully even finishing off the nine-story series with "Illusions & Lies: [censored subtitle]." Perhaps a new horror story or even horror series will arrive this next Halloween. Could we also see more Sight? Or maybe even some more A Future Lost (novel version)? Possibly! Happy New Year, everyone!

Lastly, I want to bring up again the reception of "Shining Armor." I recently received some comments from none other than one of the producers of the podcast I work for on ZU, who had read her first story by me, that obviously being "Shining Armor!" Here is what she said of "Shining Armor:"

Hey man! This is the first time for me reading any of your work. I rarely venture into the writing sections. I like this story. Westley is a cute and likable kid. 

I found myself wishing the scene where he remembers and puts on his knight costume was a bit more suspenseful or descriptive. Given that this is the part that shows his "shapeshifter" aspect, I wished it were more interesting than "Oh yeah he remembered a costume he had, put it on, and walked out of the house."

But great story overall. I like his imagination (and yours).
-Margar, ZU Forums, 12/29/2010, here

Thanks, Margar!

Okay, everyone! I may have one more post before 2011, probably involving reception for "In the Trees." But if not, have a very happy New Year, and I'll "see" you in 2011! Farewell!