Short Stories

Are you more of an auditory person than visual? Do you take more in when you listen to a book rather than read it? Well, no need to worry! I present to you, free of charge, audio versions of my works! The latest release contains every short story I have written up to September 2011, from "The City in the Clouds" to "Freeing Truth." You can download each one individually, or you can download the ZIP file containing the whole thing. Be aware that if you download the whole thing, you get a few extra things; best of all, the whole thing is free, too! Enjoy! ("Star Crash" Audiobook will be coming soon!)

Short Stories (35 tracks ; 2:54:22, including bloopers)

1. An Introduction by the Author* - 5:59
2. "The City in the Clouds" (Spring 2008) [Fantasy/Sci-Fi] - 2:33
3. "In the Trees: A Short Story of Vislia" (July 2008) [Fantasy] - 4:37
4. "Chosen Ones" (December 2008) [Fantasy] - 3:22
5. "A Future Lost" (March 2009) [Sci-Fi/Tragedy] - 2:13
6. "Twelve Chimes" (October 2009) [Horror/Suspense] - 9:02
7. "Illusions & Lies: Day One" (March 2010) [Sci-Fi] - 8:24
8. "Just a Bite" (May 2010) [Mythology] - 9:41
9. "Illusions & Lies: Day Two" (June 2010) [Sci-Fi] - 6:27
10. "Illusions & Lies: Day Three" (August 2010) [Sci-Fi/Comedy] - 9:53
11. "Trust Fall" (August 2010) [Sci-Fi/Tragedy] - 13:46
11. "Trust Fall"* (August/October 2010) [Sci-Fi/Tragedy] - 15:33
12. "The Blind Man Who Could See" (October 2010) [Conceptual] - 5:20
13. "The First Hour" (October 2010) [Horror] - 15:09
14. "Shining Armor" (December 2010) [Realistic Fiction] - 7:14
15. "Resolution" (January 2011) [Thriller] - 12:42
16. "The Open Gate" (April 2011) [Fantasy] - 4:22
17. "Wonders of the Sky" (August 2011) [Folktale] - 10:52
18. "Freeing Truth" (September 2011) [Fantasy] - 18:48
19. The Current: Chapter One: "Going Down"* [Sci-Fi] / A Closing by the Author - 14:18
20-35. Bloopers!*

*This indicates a track only available as part of the complete album.
This version of "Trust Fall" is only available as an individual download. It contains the original "edit" of the story.
This version of "Trust Fall" is only available as part of the complete album. It contains the extended second chapter of the story.


The Blackmist Chronicles

Experience the action and drama of EzloSpirit's adaptation of Daniel Sun's acclaimed Armed with Wings Flash game series in five epic audio installations! By far EzloSpirit's most dramatic audiobooks to date, these audio versions of the five Blackmist Chronicles novels will grab and keep your attention as blades fly and people and monsters alike dissolve back into the blackmist from which they came!

(Warning! The following lists contain the chapter names for all five books! To date, only a few chapters of Episode II have been released. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!)

Episode I: Red Moon (coming in 2013)
  1. An Introduction to the World of Blackmist (audio exclusive)
  2. Prologue: The Red Samurais
  3. Chapter I: Temptation
  4. Chapter II: Warm-Up
  5. Chapter III: Creatures of the Red Moon
  6. Chapter IV: Apprentices and Master
  7. Chapter V: Power of the Moon
  8. Chapter VI: The Tallest Mountain
  9. Chapter VII: Demon
  10. Chapter VIII: The Road Not Taken
  11. Chapter IX: The Absent Lorde
  12. Chapter X: For King and Country
  13. Chapter XI: The Devil Hills
  14. Chapter XII: Jump
  15. Chapter XIII: Demons
  16. Chapter XIV: Final Exam
  17. Chapter XV: Malice
  18. Chapter XVI: Eivana
  19. Chapter XVII: From the Precipice of Death
  20. Chapter XVIII: Red Moon
  21. Epilogue: Decades of the Moon
  22. A Look at Episode II (audio exclusive)

Episode II: Armed with Wings (full collection coming late 2012?)
  1. Introduction: Adapting Armed with Wings (audio exclusive)
  2. Prologue: A Grave Mistake
  3. Chapter I: Return from Blackmist
  4. Chapter II: Lost Love
  5. Chapter III: Wings
  6. Chapter IV: This Power
  7. Chapter V: Blackmist Beast
  8. Chapter VI: Six Years Ago
  9. Chapter VII: Infiltration
  10. Chapter VIII: Monster of the Deep
  11. Chapter IX: Knockout
  12. Chapter X: The Elite Guards
  13. Chapter XI: Seventy Minutes
  14. Chapter XII: The Shifting Ground
  15. Chapter XIII: A New Kind of Blade
  16. Chapter XIV: Small Plots
  17. Chapter XV: Lighting the Way
  18. Chapter XVI: Surrounded by the Enemy
  19. Chapter XVII: All Fall Down
  20. Chapter XVIII: King's Lair
  21. Chapter XIX: Vandheer Lorde
  22. Chapter XX: What They're Made Of
  23. Chapter XXI: Armed with Wings
  24. Chapter XXII: The Defeat
  25. Chapter XXIII: Return to Blackmist
  26. Epilogue: The Eagle's Cry
  27. A Look at Episode III (audio exclusive)

Episode III: Out of the Dark [based on Armed with Wings 2] (TBA)
  1. Introduction: Vandheer Lorde Becomes an Antihero (audio exclusive)
  2. Prologue: The Lowest Point
  3. PART 1: ESCAPE / Chapter I: The Lost Throne
  4. Chapter II: All That I Was
  5. Chapter III: Pit of Daggers
  6. Chapter IV: Quema Tormenta
  7. Chapter V: Scorching Vengeance
  8. Chapter VI: Alliance
  9. PART 2: THE BLADES OF EDEN / Chapter VII: Gusty Valley
  10. Chapter VIII: Twisted
  11. Chapter IX: Updraft
  12. Chapter X: Vindstot
  13. Chapter XI: Raging Winds
  14. Chapter XII: Battle of Blades
  15. Chapter XIII: Aquius
  16. Chapter XIV: The Blade of Water
  17. Chapter XV: Fuego Mountain
  18. Chapter XVI: Collapse
  19. Chapter XVII: Smoking Martillo
  20. Chapter XVIII: Up in Smoke
  21. PART 3: BETRAYAL / Chapter XIX: Broken
  22. Chapter XX: Three Years Ago
  23. Chapter XXI: Chasing Hawkin
  24. Chapter XXII: Whipslash
  25. Chapter XXIII: The Price of Trust
  26. Chapter XXIV: Homewardbound
  27. Chapter XXV: Armed with Wings II
  28. Epilogue: Blackmist
  29. A Look at Episodes IV and V (audio exclusive)

Episode IV: Generations of Blackmist [Part 1 of 2; based on Armed with Wings 3] (TBA)
(ESTIMATED TRACK NUMBERS (likely a few more); Chapter numbers/titles TBD)
  1. Introduction: A New Perspective (audio exclusive)
  2. Prologue: War of the Gods
  4. Chapter II
  5. Chapter III
  6. Chapter IV
  8. Chapter VI
  9. Chapter VII
  10. Chapter VIII
  11. Chapter XI
  12. Chapter XII
  14. Chapter XIV
  15. Chapter XV
  16. Chapter XVI
  17. Chapter XVII

Episode V: Culmination [Part 2 of 2; based on Armed with Wings 3 and Culmination] (TBA)
(ESTIMATED TRACK NUMBERS (likely a few more); Chapter numbers/titles TBD)
  1. Introduction: Finale (audio exclusive)
  2. Interlude
  4. Chapter XIX
  5. Chapter XX
  6. Chapter XXI
  7. Chapter XXII
  8. Chapter XXIII
  10. Chapter XXV
  11. Chapter XXVI
  12. Chapter XXVII
  13. Chapter XXVIII
  14. Chapter XXIX
  15. Chapter XXX
  17. Chapter XXXII
  18. Chapter XXXIII
  19. Chapter XXXIV
  20. Chapter XXXV
  21. Chapter XXXVI
  22. Chapter XXXVII
  23. Chapter XXXVIII
  24. Chapter XXXIX
  25. Chapter XL
  26. Epilogue
  27. Closing (audio exclusive) [SUBJECT TO CHANGE; a sixth game has been announced]