Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NEW STORY: "The Mirrors are Plotting" + Zelda Universe Forums Stuff + New Audiobooks Coming Soon

"Nesborne" fell through like the 2011 Halloween story. Thought I'd open up with that. But don't worry because...well, I'll get to that!

So here I am! Back again for another full blog post! Recently, I've been posting updates on the official Many Worlds of EzloSpirit Google+ Page (link up top), but if you are repulsed by such a site, then I will bring you up to speed now as best as I can!

Anyway, so "Nesborne" fell through, but there is hope! I wrote something different instead! It was a bit late (by almost three weeks), but I actually think it better fits Halloween than "Nesborne" would have. I am talking about "The Mirrors are Plotting," a 2760-word story almost guaranteed to make you paranoid about looking into mirrors! I can't really describe it too much without giving the whole thing away and ruining most of the suspense, but just know that it stars Kat, a snarky businesswoman who is haunted by nightmares of a monster with knives instead of hands. Kat is my second female narrator ever, and she is much better than Maddy Morain, narrator of "Trust Fall." Trust me on this! Reader discretion is advised for this M-rated hybrid of snark and terror---"Mirrors" is my first written work to contain the so-called "F-word"---which was released on the Zelda Universe Forums on November 20 and on Figment just yesterday.

In August, former ZU Forums member and staffer Jehanne did me the great favor of drawing some beautiful cover art for "Duck Season." However, I apparently never downloaded the image, and she left ZU in October, also apparently removing the artwork from her Photobucket account. Which means I can't make a cover for the story. Which, in turn, means I can't release it to Figment or deviantART at this time. I emailed Jehanne a couple weeks ago using an email address I found in a years-old version of the ZU Staff Page using the Wayback Machine, but she hasn't responded. So if you know how to get a hold of her (or you are her!), please let me know!

In other news, I apparently forgot to mention that this past June, I became the dedicated Forum Moderator of ZU's Writing forum! Recently, I've been working to start a Writing forum-exclusive awards...ceremony(?). If you frequent ZU's Writing forum as either a writer or even as a reader, and you have a ZU forum account, feel free to chip in with your ideas for the Writing Awards (official name open for suggestions, too)!

On a related note, the ZU Awards, now dubbed the ZU Community Awards, as a separate awards thing has been set up for Zelda (game series) section-related awards, for winter 2012 have begun and are currently in the nominating phase, as of Monday. The Best Fic award has returned this season thanks to a suggestion on my part. I have yet to be nominated for anything, which is nothing new!

On a final ZU-related note, ZU's Nayru Clan is holding its seasonal Nayru Awards right now. This season is very different, however, in that they are more focused on creative output, and "Nayrulians" are required to submit something (game review, joke, artwork, short story, etc.) within the respective thread in order to be considered for an award, and the submissions will be judged by a predetermined panel of judges rather than nominated and voted upon by all of Nayru's members. Submissions to the Nayru Winter Competitions are open until Monday, December 17 and are limited to members of the ZU's Nayru Clan and ZU mods only. I have already submitted "Duck Season" for the short story competition!

I hope to record the third edition of my short story audiobooks collection over my winter break this month, with a possible release in January! This will also make audiobooks for "Star Crash," "Duck Season," and "The Mirrors are Plotting" available for the first time. However, this new edition will not be available for free. I am considering selling it for an introductory price of US$15 through PayPal (Bitcoins will not be accepted for this). I am also considering making 1-3 audiobooks available for free through the Audiobooks page of this blog (link up top). The second edition will remain available for free in its entirety on said Audiobooks page.

Finally, I will be resuming work on Chapter VI of Armed with Wings starting in a week or two. I hope to have it completed by next month.

Until next time! And if I don't write another blog post by the end of the month, then have a happy new year!