Saturday, August 27, 2011

Um... (a.k.a. a Current Update) + New ZU Writing Contest Entry

Yeah, so at least I...sort of have an excuse this time? I've been busy with a few things: two vacations, one of which made it a tad difficult to perform tasks on a computer; relaxing--it's a valid excuse, considering the fact that I otherwise have no life during the school year; writing podcast stuff--remember, I work on the ZUCast, and I have scripts to write; and writing a new short story ("hit the jump" for more on that). There is hope, however! A month ago or so, I signed up for my choices of the mandatory after-school activities at school for this year, and my first choice for both the fall and winter trimester is the school newspaper. Believe it or not, this is when I have gotten quite a bit of my creative writing done in the past couple years! Forget the school newspaper (though I obviously write articles); once I'm done writing articles within a day or two, I spend the rest of the month writing stories and novels! Take that, school! Yeah....

On the 14th (August), I completed my first short story not written for school in seven months! It is for the Zelda Universe Forums' August 2011 Writing Contest, which is the first of its kind being run by new Writing boards moderator and longtime ZU writing community member Holden, who is taking over for former Writing mod Fairess and her predecessor, Veyrael. By the way, if you're reading this, Holden (which is awesome), then I want to once again say thanks for stepping up and taking charge, and congrats on your newfound mod-dom (palindrome!); you're doing great already!

This month's theme is, quite simply, "magic." I am not at liberty to say anything more in case I slip up and reveal anything else about my entry, but I can say that my hopes for this entry are as high as my hopes were back in the October 2009 ZU Writing Contest with "Twelve Chimes," making these my highest hopes for an entry since my first contest. Remember, this is my fourth contest ever. And I've never passed 2nd place in them yet, even with "Twelve Chimes," which appears to have won when you count the votes, but still wound up losing somehow. But I digress....

The voting phase is well underway at this time! ZU Forum members can vote for their top four favorite entries (out of a whopping, record-breaking fourteen entries total!) until tomorrow, the 28th. Be aware, however, that the voting phase may be extended due to lack of voters.

That's about it! However, I do want to take this time to promote the award-winning BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who, which returns with the premiere of "part 2" of Series 6 tonight at 9 PM on BBC America and tonight at 6 PM(?) on BBC One. Series 6, Pt. 2 begins with the conclusion to the two-part story A Good Man Goes to War (as I call the whole story), controversially yet humorously titled "Let's Kill Hitler." DON'T MISS IT! (It's obviously my favorite TV show, but I still highly recommend it to sci-fi lovers and even a bunch of other kinds of people!)

Until next week or so, when I'll announce how my entry fared in the contest, as well as when I'll actually reveal the entry itself and add it to the Master List and stuff! Bye now!