Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is the Seventh Blog Entry....

Indeed, that is true! This is actually the continuation (although you don't need to read the earlier entries) of the same kind of blog, which was in my "fanclub" on the ZU Forums. This is more noticeable and therefore more useful for people.

Anyway, work on the fourth story in my short story series Illusions & Lies, titled "Illusions & Lies: Undercover," is well underway. It's coming along pretty well, and I should be finished in about a week and a half. So if you haven't done so already, catch up in the series by reading the first three installments, which you can find links to in the Master List, which you can get to by clicking on "The Master List," located above this post and under the blog's header.

"Undercover" is confirmed to be the last story I will be releasing in 2010. I am towards the end of a different story that is actually a school assignment, which I will be publishing as an official story, probably to the ZU Forums. This will probably go up tomorrow. It is neither sci-fi nor fantasy, but rather it is realistic fiction! It will be rated G.

Well, ta-ta for now!

Update (22:26/22:31): "Shining Armor," which is the story that I mentioned in the second-to-last paragraph, is now up on the ZU Forums! A link is in the Master List now, and another can be found at the beginning of this update! Enjoy! Feel free to post a comment in the thread on ZU if you're a member, or you can leave a comment on this post here!

Oh, and if you are wondering what the moral I had originally intended on conveying was, I will tell you now: "You don't need to be a valiant knight to be a hero; you can simply be yourself."